Agilit-e, pronounced "agility", is a Low-code, agile, integration service portal, that allows configuration of modules provided by Agilit-e to create custom Microservices and integrations.

Some of the functionality that Agilit-e provides includes:

  • Generating unique, readable numbers for content management systems
  • Centralizing lists and key/value pairs for "Line of Business" applications
  • Converting data from one format to another (e.g. EXCEL to JSON)
  • Configuring integration points between on premise and/or cloud applications
  • Generating PDFs programmatically

Node-RED is used as an extension to Agilit-e’s ecosystem. Both can exist independently from each other, but together provide a simple, seamless and powerful means of integration.

Connecting these two solutions together is as easy as importing the Agilit-e Nodes into your Node-RED environment. This means that both Agilit-e and Node-RED can exist in the cloud, on premises, or a combination of the two.

Over the last few years Node-RED has proven itself to be a product that allows the implementation of high performance integration flows, that are stable enough to be run in production environments.

The simplicity of creating custom nodes within Node-RED heavily influenced their decision to allow Node-RED as a means of integration into Agilit-e.

Finally, the frequent and continuous delivery of features and improvements has Agilit-e paying very close attention to every release announcement from the Node-RED team.