Go-IoT specializes in bringing BACnet enabled buildings to the cloud, securely and safely using the BACnet/WS standard.

It's implementation of the BACnet/WS standard enables developers and users to integrate BACnet information into other applications, such as Accounting Systems, Facility Management Systems and Cognitive Control without deep BACnet knowledge.

It also makes accessing BACnet-enabled buildings location independent as BACnet/WS can be used locally in the building as well as remotely from the cloud.

Node-RED makes it very easy to use BACnet/WS. It allows customers to create business logic that operates both on-site and in the cloud to retrieve data from the BACnet enabled buildings as well as controlling the systems within.

It's visual graphical flow development system is very suitable for creating control logic for sensors and actuators in buildings. Go-IoT BACnet/WS implementation forms the glue between BACnet and Node-RED locally in the building or remotely in the cloud.

To extend previous capabilities even further Go-IoT supports also a BACnet to IBM Watson IoT Platform Gateway, to make it possible to use Node-RED to communicate with BACnet directly from IBM Watson using the MQTT standard.

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