iaconnects (IA) is a technology company that specialises in creating, delivering and commissioning systems for advanced asset monitoring and building control systems, to provide energy efficient operation along with intelligent diagnostics resulting in optimum savings for the building operator.

IA has over 20 years combined experience of deploying control systems using open standards, such as DALI, KNX, TCP/IP, EtherCAT, EnOcean, BACnet, OPC-UA and MQTT, but realised that if you can’t practically connect the devices that give you data, you don’t have an overall solution. IA's experience in asset management, IoT, and lighting and BMS control put them in the unique position to develop this solution.

Alongside a range of 3G/4G Gateways, Lighting Control Modules (LCM) and Building Management Systems (BMS), IA have developed an MQTT based message bus called MobiusFlow which normalises all device data into standardised MobiusFlow objects which allows interoperability between all connected devices, either real or virtual, in the field or Cloud.

MobiusFlow enables actuators, sensors and controllers to connect, control and communicate with each other and the Cloud so that IoT solutions using scalable monitoring, visualisation and predictive analytics can provide valuable insights into your business. In addition, all MobiusFlow powered devices provide edge based processing through micro services and embedded Node-RED, enabling analytics and intelligent decisions to be made at the edge.

Using resin.io for remote fleet management and Node-RED as a simple yet extremely powerful flow based programming and configuration environment, typical asset monitoring and smart building control systems can be commissioning in a fraction of the time it would take using a traditional system.

Along with the huge library of community developed Node-RED nodes, and IA's custom nodes, complex systems can be realised with little or no programming knowledge, reducing the end-user's reliance on the manufacturer for additions and changes in the future. Node-RED's integrated dashboards complete the solution, providing visualisation of the application for both the end-user and as a powerful commissioning aid.

Certified gateway connections for MobiusFlow to IBM Watson IoT enable simple provisioning of devices and controllers in the field. Once connected the sensor/controller data can be streamed and stored within the chosen Cloud provider. IA have a Software as a Service (SaaS) which provides instant dashboards, alerts, storage and connectivity to other Cloud applications.