Opto 22 designs and manufactures industrial control products and Internet of Things platforms that bridge the gap between information technology (IT) and operations technology (OT) to bring IO to the IIoT. Based on a core design philosophy of leveraging open standards, their products are deployed worldwide in industrial automation, process control, building automation, industrial refrigeration, remote monitoring, and data acquisition applications.

Node-RED is embedded in Opto 22’s groov product line so you can:

  • Extract, transform, and load industrial data to and from back-end systems, such as corporate databases and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems
  • Combine data from a variety of field protocols and IT sources, like Modbus, OPC, and MQTT
  • Provide lightweight operator interfaces, dashboards, and data visualizations
  • Design and run custom applications

groov EPIC is a quad-core, Linux-based, real-time controller with modular industrial I/O, a built-in touch screen, dual independent Ethernet ports, 6 GB of storage, and a wide variety of programming options.

Node-RED data flow programming complements and interacts with onboard hardware, industrial control programming languages, and C++/Java/Python applications, as well as data from MQTT/Sparkplug B clients, Inductive Automation's Ignition platform, and the groov View operator interface, all on the same device.

groov RIO is an ARM-based remote I/O module with dual switched Ethernet ports, 2 GB of storage, USB expansion, and thousands of software-configurable I/O options. With power-over-Ethernet installation and hazardous locations approvals, groov RIO uses Node-RED to capture traditional I/O data anywhere it resides and move it anywhere you need it: to control systems, databases, or applications on-premises or in the cloud.

groov devices also protect your Node-RED installation with device firewalls, VPN access, TLS encryption, and user authentication. Node-RED is fully integrated with the groov Manage web interface, including full project backup and restore functions and a viewable diagnostics log.

Additionally, Opto 22 has created Node-RED nodes for groov I/O, groov View Data Stores, and Opto 22 PAC Control strategies on groov EPIC or SNAP PAC controllers.

Node-RED’s promise of “wiring together hardware devices, APIs, and online services” gets the data where you need it, simply and easily.

Node-RED and groov hardware together give you the tools you need to make your IIoT project a reality.