Cloning messages in a flow

With the change to asynchronous message passing in Node-RED 1.0, we’re also changing how some messages are cloned between nodes. The behaviour in this area wasn’t always clear and could lead to unexpected results to end users who weren’t familiar with some of the principles of JavaScript object handling.

Making flows asynchronous by default

In Node-RED 1.0, we are changing the way messages pass between nodes from being synchronous to being asynchronous. This will, in some cases, change the relative order messages are handled in flows. This post explains what we mean by synchronous and asynchronous, why we are making this change and what effect it will have.

2019 Community Survey results

Earlier this year we invited the community to complete a short survey about Node-RED.

Accelerating the journey to 1.0

Our roadmap to version 1.0 was published in July 2017. It described a set of themes we wanted to address within the project, along with the functional items we decided were necessary to get there.

Version 0.20 released

Node-RED 0.20 is now available to install.

Version 0.19 released

Node-RED 0.19 is now available to download or npm install.

Project updates

One of the things we’ve not done so well on is keeping the community up to date with the general goings on of the project. The mailing list and slack team are a constant stream of discussion and debate, but it’s easy to forget that not everyone follows all the various threads.

Version 0.18 released

At long last, Node-RED 0.18 is now available to download or npm install.

A Roadmap to 1.0

With the 0.17 release out of the way, we’ve turned our attention to what comes next. Rather than plow straight into writing code for the next set of features, we decided to take a bit of time to plot out where the project is headed.