PUT /flow/:id

Update a flow in the active configuration. A flow is represented as a tab within the editor.

All nodes in the existing flow are stopped before the new flow configuration is started.

Requires permission: flows.write


Header Value
Authorization Bearer [token] - if authentication is enabled
Content-type application/json


Path Component Description
id The id of the flow to update, or global

The request body must be a single flow configuration object.

For a normal flow:

  "id": "91ad451.f6e52b8",
  "label": "Sheet 1",
  "nodes": [ ],
  "configs": [ ]

For the global flow:

  "id": "global",
  "configs": [ ],
  "subflows": [ ]


Status Code Reason Response
204 Success none
400 Bad request An Error response
401 Not authorized none

Returns the id of the flow.