Storage API

The Storage API provides a pluggable way to configure where the Node-RED runtime stores data.

The information stored by the API includes:

  • flow configuration
  • flow credentials
  • user settings
  • user sessions
  • node library content

By default, Node-RED uses a local file-system implementation of this API.

The API functions are documented here.


The storageModule property in settings.js can be used to identify a custom module to use:

storageModule: require("my-node-red-storage-plugin")


The API makes extensive use of JavaScript promises.

A promise represents the eventual result of an asynchronous operation. It acts as a placeholder until the result is available.

Node-RED uses the When.js library. The following example shows it in use. For a more complete example, the default file-system implementation is located in red/runtime/storage/localfilesystem.js.

function getFlows() {
// create and return a promise
return when.promise(function(resolve,reject) {
// resolve - a function to be called with the successful result
// reject - a function to be called if an error occurs

// do some asynchronous work, with a callback on completion
doAsyncWork(function(err,result) {
if (err) {
} else {

.then(function(result) {
// Called when getFlows completes successfully
.otherwise(function(err) {
// Called when getFlows hits an error