Admin API Methods

Endpoint Description
GET/auth/login Get the active authentication scheme
POST/auth/token Exchange credentials for access token
POST/auth/revoke Revoke an access token
GET/settings Get the runtime settings
GET/diagnostics Get the runtime diagnostics
GET/flows Get the active flow configuration
GET/flows/state Get the active flow’s runtime state
POST/flows Set the active flow configuration
POST/flows/state Set the active flow’s runtime state
POST/flow Add a flow to the active configuration
GET/flow/:id Get an individual flow configuration
PUT/flow/:id Update an individual flow configuration
DELETE/flow/:id Delete an individual flow configuration
GET/nodes Get a list of the installed nodes
POST/nodes Install a new node module
GET/nodes/:module Get a node module’s information
PUT/nodes/:module Enable/Disable a node module
DELETE/nodes/:module Remove a node module
GET/nodes/:module/:set Get a node module set information
PUT/nodes/:module/:set Enable/Disable a node set