Editor APIs

The editor provides a number of APIs for nodes and plugins to use to help them integrate with the editor.


A set of jQuery widgets are available that can be used within a node’s edit template.

  • TypedInput - a replacement for a regular <input> that allows the type of the value to be chosen, including options for string, number and boolean. Used extensively in the core Node-RED nodes.
  • EditableList - an editable list where the elements can be complex forms in their own right. Used by the core Switch and Change nodes.
  • SearchBox - an enhanced <input> for common usage around Search UX.
  • TreeList - a list to display tree-structured data.

Theme Plugins

Since 2.0

The appearance of the editor can be customised using themes. Themes are packaged and installed as Node-RED plugins, and then selected via the editorTheme.theme property in the settings file.