The editor emits events that components can listen for so they can react as needed.

Note: any events not on this list should be considered private, subject to change without notification and not for general use. API eventName, handlerFunction )

Register a new handler for the given event."nodes:add", function(node) {
    console.log("A node has been added to the workspace!")
}), handlerFunction)

Remove a previously registered event handler.

Available events

Workspace events

Event Payload Description
deploy   A new flow has been deployed
login "username" A user has logged into the editor. If adminAuth is not configured, this event is never emitted
view:selection-changed {<selection object>} The current selection in the workspace has changed
workspace:change { old: "<previous-workspace-id>", workspace: "<new-workspace-id>" } The workspace has switched to a different tab
workspace:clear   The workspace has been cleared - this happens when switching projects.
workspace:dirty { dirty:<boolean> } The dirty state of the editor has changed. ‘Dirty’ means there are undeployed changes.
workspace:hide { workspace: <workspace-id> } A tab has been hidden
workspace:show { workspace: <workspace-id> } A previously hidden tab has been shown

Flow configuration events

Event Payload Description
flows:add {<flow object>} A new flow has been added
flows:change {<flow object>} A flow’s properties have been changed
flows:remove {<flow object>} A flow has been removed
flows:reorder [<Array of flow ids] The flows have been reordered
groups:add {<group object>} A new group has been added
groups:change {<group object>} A group’s properties have been changed
groups:remove {<group object>} A group has been removed
links:add {<link object>} A new link has been added
links:remove {<link object>} A link has been removed
nodes:add {<node object>} A new node has been added
nodes:change {<node object>} A node’s properties have been changed
nodes:remove {<node object>} A node has been removed
nodes:reorder {z:"<flow-id>", nodes:[<Array of node ids>]} Nodes have been reordered on a flow
subflows:add {<subflow object>} A new subflow has been added
subflows:change {<subflow object>} A subflow’s properties have been changed
subflows:remove {<subflow object>} A subflow has been removed

Palette events

Event Payload Description
registry:module-updated {module:"<module-name>", version:"<module-version>"} A module has updated to a new version
registry:node-set-added {<node-set object>} A new Node-Set has been added to the palette
registry:node-set-disabled {<node-set object>} A Node-Set has been disabled
registry:node-set-enabled {<node-set object>} A Node-Set has been enabled
registry:node-set-removed {<node-set object>} A Node-Set has been removed
registry:node-type-added "node-type" A new Node has been added to the palette
registry:node-type-removed "node-type" A Node has been removed from the palette
registry:plugin-added "plugin-id" A Plugin has been added