Sidebar: Information

Information Sidebar

Information Sidebar

Since Node-RED 1.1.0

The Information sidebar shows information about the flows. This includes an outline view of all flows and nodes, as well as details of the current selection.

The outline view can be searched using the same syntax as the main search dialog.

Hovering over an entry in the outline reveals a set of options.

Outline entry options

Outline entry options

The button will reveal the node/flow in the main workspace.

If the node has a button, such as the Debug and Inject nodes, the button can be used to trigger that button.

The button can be used to enable or disable the node/flow.

In the bottom section of the Information sidebar, details of the current selection are shown.

This will include:

If nothing is selected, it displays the description of the current flow - which can be edited in the Flow Properties edit dialog.

Key shortcutCtrl/⌘-g i