Node elements

Wiring nodes

Nodes are wired together by pressing the left-mouse button on a node’s port, dragging to the destination node and releasing the mouse button.

Alternatively, if the Ctrl/Command key is held down, the left-mouse button can be clicked (and released) on a node’s port and then clicked on the destination. If the Ctrl/Command key remains held and the just-wired destination node has an output port, a new wire is started from that port. This allows a set of nodes to be quickly wired together.

This can also be combined with the Quick-Add dialog that is triggered by a Ctrl/Command-Click on the workspace to quickly insert new nodes and have them already wired to previous nodes in the flow.

Splitting wires

If a node with both an input and output port is dragged over the mid-point of a wire, the wire is draw with a dash. If the node is then dropped, it is automatically inserted into the flow at that point.

Dropping a node on a wire to insert it mid-flow

Moving wires

To disconnect a wire from a port, select the wire by clicking on it, then press and hold the Shift key when the left-mouse button is pressed on the port. When the mouse is then dragged, the wire disconnects from the port and can be dropped on another port. If the mouse button is released over the workspace, the wire is deleted.

If a port has multiple wires connected to it, if none of them is selected when button is pressed with the Shift key held, all of the wires will move.

Selecting multiple wires

You can also select multiple wires by holding Ctrl/Command while clicking on them.

When you select multiple nodes, we also highlight any wires between them. This can make it easier to follow a flow once you have selected it.

Selecting multiple wires

Deleting wires

  1. Select one or more wires
    1. To select a single wire, left click 1 wire.
    2. To select multiple wires, left click 1 wire then while holding Ctrl/Command, click on the other wires.
  2. Press the Delete key

Slicing wires

You can also remove wires by slicing through them. You do this by pressing and holding the Alt/Option key, then dragging with the left-mouse button pressed:

Slicing wires

Detaching nodes

Delete Node, keep wires

You can delete a node from the middle of a flow and have the wiring automatically repair itself in the background:

Delete Node, keep wires

Key shortcutCtrl/⌘-delete
Detach Node from wires

You can also detach a node from the flow without deleting it:

Detach Node from wires

Key shortcut*Not assigned

* There is no default shortcut for Detach Node from wires, but you can assign one yourself in the Keyboard pane of the Settings dialog.